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Stately Clojure implementation of Statecharts as a pure data structure

Clevolution Evolutionary art application and library in Clojure

Calculating and Visualizing Voronoi Diagrams Using the Quad-Edge Data Structure Video of a talk I presented at Clojure NYC in October 2014

sablono-tools Enlive-style selector-based templating and transformations for Sablono - Sponsored by Framed Data

animator A generic canvas-based animation component for Om/React

mc-map Simple integration of Google Maps with Om/React and core.async, showing motorcycle parking meters in San Francisco

async-plgd Hoare's Communicating Sequential Processes, demonstrating a variety of data structures and control structures implemented with CSP, in Clojure core.async

Cellular A core.async implementation of Brinch Hansen's Parallel Cellular Automata, applied to forest-fire simulation and Laplacian relaxation, running in both Clojure and ClojureScript

d3-tree-cljs Bostock's d3.layout.tree demo implemented in ClojureScript and refactored according to's "d3 reusability" guidelines

Evolution Generative art system repositories - original haXe version, including a simple LISP parser and interpreter

as3delaunay Voronoi-Diagram library for Flash

Ultimate Enum for AS3 How fully can we implement enumerated types in a language that doesn't have them built in? (Pretty fully.) How much boilerplate will the application programmer tolerate to use them? (Not that much.)